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Enso Rings are the modern alternative to metal rings. Shop unique wedding and engagement rings.


Enso Goes Platinum!

Jul 12, 2019


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Jul 08, 2019


Nature Inspired Collection with The Pigeon Letters

Apr 22, 2019


Enso Rings are the most stylish, versatile silicone rings and silicone wedding bands on the planet! If you have an active lifestyle, or if you work with your hands for a living, then you know traditional metal bands and unique wedding rings get in the way of just about everything! Hard, metal bands jack your hands up when you’re lifting, doing pull ups, climbing, or pretty much anything involving your hands. We created Enso Rings because we’d finally had enough of losing our wedding rings, getting massive blisters from our wedding rings, and NEVER wanting to wear our wedding rings! Enso Rings were recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank!

Enso Silicone Wedding Bands
Enso’s silicone wedding rings are specifically created for people with active lifestyles and people that make a living working with their hands. They’re the most practical alternative to a traditional wedding band. They’re stylish, durable, and engineered to take a beating. The Ultralite Enso Silicone Rings are some of the thinnest, most comfortable rings on the market. Perfect for the gym, work, play, swimming and the outdoors! New to our collection is the Copper Elements Silicone band. This luxury look is created with a new, patent-pending copper-infused design that’s breathable and more comfortable. Unlike traditional metal wedding rings, Enso Rings are made to be worn in circumstances where you normally take off your wedding band.