Shelly is a self-taught Modern Brush Calligrapher and Illustrator who focuses on continuing to spread positive vibes through her artwork and collaborating with others who strive to be a force of good.

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*Due to our unique 'Inked by Enso' process, your ring may fade over time from natural wear. Chemicals and other outside elements may also damage your ring's finish, but don't stress, our lifetime guarantee has you covered.

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Inked Rings | Shelly Kim | Letters by Shells
Inked Rings | Shelly Kim | Letters by Shells

| @lettersbyshells

Hey there! I'm Shelly! I am the artist behind Letters By Shells and I discovered the act of creating art as a creative outlet from my desire to release stress from my full-time insurance job back in 2015. I have made it a mission for my artwork to express love and positivity, and for it to inspire others to believe that anything in life is totally possible.

Remember, "the more we support, share, and show compassion, we are all winners! Together, we can conquer anything!” -Shelly

Always remember to just trust the process, never give up & to dream big!

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